AFPT to validate the Scholarship


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Feb 24, 2017
Is the format for taking the AFPT consisting of a timed period whereas you have a certain period of time between each exercise event? Example (2 mins.push ups, ??? how much rest, 2 mins sit ups, ??? how much rest, 2 mile run). Thanks for any helpful info.
......and that 2 hour time limit is just that, a maximum time limit. The amount of rest between each event will depend on the battalion, for training purposes I would figure about 10 minutes between.
This question actually has a doctrinal answer from FM 7-22. Appendix A which is the guideline for all Army units for administering the APFT.

A-2. The APFT consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run—done in that order—on the same day. Soldiers

are allowed a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes rest between events. All three events must

be completed within two hours. The test period is defined as the period of time that elapses from the start to the

finish of the three events (from the first push-up performed to the last Soldier crossing the finish line of the

2-mile run event).