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    Hi.. I am going in for my interview next week but wanted to know how I looked as far as everything else goes.

    3.49 unweighted gpa
    4.01 weighted gpa
    41 in class of 186

    SAT:670 math 550 reading

    PFA: 59 push ups, 49 situps, 10:30 1.5 mile

    Many Honors and AP including English, Calculus and Environmental Science.
    Currently in 7th semester of AFJROTC

    Leadership Positions:
    • Four time Flight (class) Commander (2010, 2011, 2012)
    • Color Guard/Drill Team Deputy Commander (2010-2011) (As a Sophomore, really proud of this)
    • Color Guard/Drill Team Commander (2011-2012)
    • Raider Team (Physical Fitness Team) Deputy Commander (2011-2012)
    • Raider Team Commander (2012)
    • Kitty Hawk Air Society (AFJROTC Honor Society) Vice President 2011-2012
    • Kitty Hawk Air Society President (2012)
    • Personnel Officer (2011)
    • Information Management Officer (2012)
    • Group Commander (2012) last semester
    • Special Assistant (Current)

    *would like to add that our unit has been distinguished unit for the past 8 years, twice with merit including this past year. We have approximately 230 cadets, classes I have been in charge of are about 30-35, when I was Color Guard Commander, we had 42 members.

    60+ hours including events such as:

    • Adopt a Child for Christmas; every year in JROTC we take up donations for a student and we buy them things for Christmas that they would not have received otherwise, I went out and bought the gifts.
    • Celebration for the Exceptional Child, I was in charge of other JROTC cadets, we helped vendors and kept the area clean
    • Putting flags on the graves of veterans on Memorial and Veteran’s Day, and also holding the door for veterans at a local restaurant on these days.
    • Managed annual hotdog fundraiser at a local business twice
    • Working at various town festivals

    Summer programs:
    • Aerospace Career Education Camp (ACE) at South Dakota State University (2010)
    • National Student Leadership Conference on Intelligence and National Security at American University in Washington D.C. (2011)
    • Tar Heel Boys’ State (Supreme Court Justice) at Catawba College (2012)
    • Future Leader Camp at Norwich University (2012)

    • Selected by teachers to attend Pathway’s Leadership Seminar at Wake Forest University
    • Member of the Principal Advisory Committee
    • Member of the Hunter Safety Team (Competition Shooting)
    • One of four out of 230 AFJROTC Cadets from Surry Central to fly with the 916th Air Refueling Wing on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base (2011)
    • Currently in Flight School to attain Private Pilot’s License (25+ hours)

    I have 29 ribbons and 6 medals (one from Boys' State, the others are Nationally Recognized)

    Army/National Guard Medal
    Air Commando Association
    Scottish Rite of Free Masonry Medal
    American Legion Scholastic
    Order of Daedalions

    Ribbons include Leadership, Achievement, Co-Curricular Leadership, Top Performer, Outstanding Cadet of the year (3 years), also i have been Cadet of the Quater 5 times and have earned the Distinguished Cadet Badge.

    My instructors did some research a couple of weeks ago and have discovered that i am the most decorated cadet to ever have been in our unit. Established in 1976.

    Im also in the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society.
    I have been accepted to Norwich University (Physics) with a Dean's Scholarship of 15,000.

    Now there is a down side. In my Sophomore year, my mother and step father forced me to cash fake payroll checks in order to feed there drug addiction. I was arrested and charged with 20 felony counts of obtain property by false pretense. It was disposed of and just was expunged last month. At first it was not waived, but after talking to my AFJROTC instructors, they gave me Captain Hoyer's (chief of the HSSP) phone number and i called her and explained the situation to her. She then talked to her leadership, and they waived it (apparently they did not look at my personal statement). Im not worried about it because it has been waived already, but i wanted to put it on here so you guys got the whole story.

    Im probably going to attend Norwich with or without the scholarship, going with AFROTC. Hopefully i can get one in college. I was applying to USAFA but after i toured Norwich, i knew that was the right college for me.

    When i get in the Air Force, i want to either fly or do combat control. but will ultimately do whatever the Air Force wants me to do.

    Could someone just tell me how I look?

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