AFROTC: Confused about how EA and Rated Boards work...?


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Mar 24, 2016
I am a AS100 cadet. I am thinking of switching my major to nursing and have a few quick question.

1. For the EA boards does a nursing EA mean you have to/will be branched into nursing.

2. Can nursing major get a non-tech/rated EA(if those still exist I keep hearing different things)?

3. Can a nursing major apply for rated board during junior year?

4. When do nursing majors find out that they branch nursing?

5. How are scholarship opportunities for nursing major (nursing and non-tech scholarships)?

Thank you for helping me out. I tried looking everywhere online and these are the final questions I am left with. I would ask my cadre but they are out for the break so it just me and the computer for question.


Dec 13, 2016
From people I know, the Army ROTC nursing program/ nurse corps is best chance if your goal is a scholarship. From what I hear air force is one of the hardest to get a scholarship until junior year if you contract. Army and Navy are big on medical stuff. I don't know much about air force.Yet if you have a high GPA you're more likely to get one, yet keep in mind you are competing against everyone else that wants the scholarship. Good luck.