AFROTC...curious about chances.

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by MomWPgirl, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Curious ..DS ‘s odds at AFROTC scholarship? Times have changed since my oldest did AFROTC.
    Intended major: Finance/business (Yea..know this hurts)
    GPA 96 (3.7 Calculated by AFROTC) Numerous AP’s & dual enrollment
    Rank top 5% (7/150)
    SAT: 1380 (M & CR)
    Varsity soccer 3 years (CPT 12th)
    Varsity Lacrosse 2 years
    Math Team 3 years (CPT 12th) (High Scorer 10th)
    Boys State
    National Honor Society 3 years
    Class President (9th)
    Interning/volunteering for non-profit 12th
    Run: 9:09
    SU 59
    PU 45 (skinny kid)
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    The non tech does hurt, BUT, 1380 best sitting is going to help a lot! His run was also amazing.
    ~ I believe a 1380 as a tech major would be at least match for a Type2. However, for non-tech it might be a type 7 match. Just from the fact 80%+ go tech.

    I would say that the AF is really about getting more rated in the pipeline. IF he is asked to go rated when it comes to summer field selection what will be his answer is going to be huge factor in their decision.

    Don't worry so much about the scholarship impo. Worry about two years later and SFT selection.
    ~ If it is financial he can go somewhere else as a freshmen with little to no harm. Transferring as a rising junior is HUGE, especially if they were disenrolled fro AFROTC.

    OBTW, my kid is skinny too....until he was 22 he wore a 28x 32 jean, yet he maxxed PU. Make sure he continues to work out and his form is tight. Kids fail there PFT for contracting because they take shortcuts and have bad form.
    ~ To assist our lanky DS, we placed a pull up bar in his doorway. Every time he entered or exited he had to do X amount of pull ups. Every few weeks we increased the amount. It is amazing how their friends and siblings will tattle tale on them! DS within weeks went from 3 pull ups to 13. In turn his push up form and numbers inscreased too.
    ~~ Just food for thought, as a present for Xmas or Hannukah!
    ~~~ It also became competition with his friends when they were hanging out playing XBox.
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    Thanks Pima. Type 7 is what I also suspected would be his likely outcome if he was fortunate enough to be selected. Oldest son received Type 7 and converted it, then gave it up after deciding majoring in Russian was not for him. Thankfully, LT has counseled little brother about importance of choosing major.  So hard for a high school student from a small town with little life experience and exposure to choose a major. I believe if (and when) he changes major it will be for a technical one as he has discovered a recent love of math and has started to embrace the inner nerd.
    SFT selection down the road is also on my mind. Not sure how he feels about rated…but believe vision will keep him from flying. I know his desire to serve is strong so I think he will align his priorities with his goal of AF career. Time will tell.
    GREAT tip on chin-up bar!!! Will definitely be holiday list. And as always…thanks again for your insight and suggestions.

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