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    I am currently a junior at UCF. I was on track to graduate early, but this summer i decided to switch up and do the 3yr. AFROTC. My plan was to graduate and apply to OTS. Upon really researching matters, I figured my chances of commissioning would be greater by joining ROTC. I went to the briefing and am waiting on my acceptance, and plan to begin ROTC in the fall. I have picked up another major and minor just to stay in school for the duration of AFROTC. However, I'm a bit worried about my chances of getting an FT slot. I know it's hard to judge at this moment as I'm not even in ROTC so therefore don't have a ranking or PFT score, but I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice now so that I know what I should strive for..

    Major: Finance & Economics
    Minor: Computer Science
    GPA: 3.2
    SAT: 1050/1600

    My SAT is poor but I know it is only %15. And as a non-tech, my GPA is also low. But with the research I have done, people worse off have been selected.

    What kind of scores should I shoot for for an EA selection in 2014? I have only one semester to really shine?
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    Nobody knows what the pool will belike for next yr. Traditionally you will need a 3.3/3.4 cgpa as a non-tech, in your case it would be hard to get that cgpa up since you already have completed 4 semesters.

    I would also re-take the SAT come the fall. If not the SAT/ACT than take the AFOQT.

    Every point counts, even though it is 15%, it is still 15%.

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