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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by caracas, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Here are my stats:

    Major: civil engineering
    GPA: 3.5
    AFOQT: average
    PFA: 99.5

    My weak point is that I am brand new to the det. However, I have managed to get my commander to notice me in a positive light (I know because I was told so).

    If I were to be placed on the top of the bottom third, what are my chances?
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    I would say that you have a very very good chance even at the bottom third. Being a Tech major will definitively help you out a lot. Good Work!
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    3.5 in engineering is a big deal and will help out a lot especially with such a high PFT.

    I am not sure why you believe if the CC highlighted you he would place you in the bottom 1/3rd, I am assuming you feel this way because you are new to the det.

    The fact is if anyone was hurt for you being highlighted it would be the cadets that have been with the unit since C100 yr., because in a CC's mind you out performed them!

    His loyalty is not to you or any other cadet per se. It is to the AF and the entire det. He is not emotionally invested. He can love C2C Jones personally, but he will not rack and stack him higher based on that issue.

    When you all go to the board, nobody there will have any personal connection to the cadet they are reviewing. They look at the CC's rec from a leadership POV in what they want in a leader. Your CC knows this. Your CC knows he/she can't BS here just because they are their pet. It will be placed in bullet form and flowery words don't exist.

    It is basically down to pure facts. Example:

    AFROTC det ranked by AF as top in nation
    Number 15 out of 50 cadets
    PT leader of 100 cadets, class avg PFT is 96.8
    Cadet received AFROTC national award XYZ

    They may love them, but nowhere in there will you see:
    Gives 150%.

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