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    Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    So what's compelled me to post is that I heard something which seemed outrageous from the POC at my detachment that we're looking at a 33% acceptance into FT this year compared to what was about 50% last year. Now, I have a feeling this may have simply been said to get us more motivated, but I was wondering if anyone here has heard anything regarding FT acceptance, whether it be similar to the claim I received or something different altogether.

    Since it's almost obligatory, my GPA is a 3.65 and PFA 97 and I've held several jobs/done extracurriculars and all that jazz. I'm hoping that all will be enough but hey, you never know.
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    I haven't heard (or read) anything about SFT acceptance rates this year. Your post is the first. FWIW - your source seems to have the national percentage rate of acceptance incorrect for last year. I had heard that nationally the overall number for acceptance was over 60%. Perhaps they were referring to your college/detachment last year? And of course some majors have higher acceptance rates than others. Either way, I doubt anyone knows at this point how many will even be submitted for SFT, let alone the number accepted and the resultant percentage rate.
    Your numbers certainly look good but the most important part of the evaluation is your Detachment Commanders recommendation and of course your major has quite a bit of an effect on whether you are selected or not.

    Good luck!
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    Actually last spring I recall a poster quite upset that their child did not get selected and the det had a 38% selection rate, so these dets do exist. MQV, that poster had over 3.3 gpa, but not a 3.65, and I can't recall if they were tech or non-tech scholarship.

    I also recall that it was not 60%, but 55% some dets like VT had over 60%, close to 65%. This caused people to question why the disparity. Which in turn brought us back to why we say visit the det prior to accepting and ask the stats, not just numbers, because those stats are going to mean something in the next 4 yrs.

    MQV, nobody can tell you where you will fall because we don't know your school. Did people with equal stats not get it last yr? The easiest way to do this is to talk to your mentor, if your school gives you one (ours does for 100/200s), or go to your CFC and ask them since they would know if this is BS and actually 50%+ went or if this is the truth and they lost 60% of their C200's. No SFT = no commissioning, this is why many jump over to AROTC as a jr because they do not have that reg. How many 250's do you have? Surely, at least 1 is a cadet that was a 200, but did not get SFT, and got permission to re-apply. Usually in a large unit (150 cadets) there is 1 that got it.

    On a whole I would agree with ag, you look strong, but the commander's rec will play into the equation, and so will the AFOQT.


    Finally, before others start freaking because they have lower stats, remember what I stated schools acceptance rate will vary. Let's be honest, the cadet that attends MIT with a 3.0 tech is not going to be dinged over the cadet that attends Not Nationally Recognized Academically U. with a 3.88 gpa history major.

    For kids applying now, visit those dets before you make a commitment. Ask the hard questions, not just do you have military fraternities or social events.

    1. % of incoming freshman that get COMMISSIONED.
    2. % of C200's that get SFT
    3. % C100's that return to be 200's...if 50% are dropping AFROTC after the 1st yr, there has to be a reason.
    4. % that get their 1st choice career field.
    ~~~~You may want to follow up with % that get rated and get non-rated for personal clarification. Rated board goes 1st, and they usually have a lower % of getting it than non-rated.

    Numbers are nice, but stats tell the truth behind the numbers...if you ask the right questions.

    Good luck. Do the best you can, and push forward. It is hard to be in this place and I wish I could say we could ease your mind to say you have 100% chance, but we can't.
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