AFROTC Interview Questions


Oct 14, 2017
If anyone recently had their AFROTC interview, could you list the questions the interviewer asked? Happy Holidays!
Use the search button here and you will find a gazillion threads about what type of questions, what to wear, what to bring, so on and so forth.

For what it is worth, just like every job interview, the interviewer will probably have the pat questions that they all ask, but than they will personalize it either to you or maybe their det.
Our DS interviewed a Captain at our local detachment, even though he did not have our local university listed as a college of interest. The interview was 90 minutes long, and he was asked about 14 questions. DS was awarded a Type 1 four year HSSP scholarship. We highly recommend the book, The Insiders Guide to the Air Force ROTC Scholarship for High School Students and their Parents, available on Amazon. It has a thorough section on preparing for the interview.