AFROTC Medical Waiver Denial


Jan 1, 2017

I have been offered a 4 Year Type 1 AFROTC scholarship, but have had my medical waiver for eczema denied. The strange thing is that I have had the waiver granted through USAFA, USNA, and USMA. I understand that all waiver authorities are different, but how can I be medically fit to serve through USAFA but not through AFROTC? I also understand that there is a way to file a rebuttal, but I have not yet received the letter with such information as to where it should be filed.

I post this as a call for advice. I would like to know if I have a chance to have this overturned, as I have heard that AFROTC is quite strict on eczema. What can I do?

I appreciate any advice. Happy New Years.
I understand that all waiver authorities are different, but how can I be medically fit to serve through USAFA but not through AFROTC?

Because it is a different doctor making the decision -- welcome to the US government and military service. Depending on how you go about it, you could run the risk of having the doctors at the AF Academy withdraw their medical waiver if they and the AFROTC docs end up talking -- it is also possible the AFROTC docs will change their mind and grant the waiver if they talk with the AF Academy docs. (I think your waivers from USMA and USNA are safe.)

If you have been offered a Type 1 AFROTC scholarship, I would think the chances are very good you will be offered an appointment to the AF Academy. Just curious, why the focus on AFROTC? Would you rather go to the civilian school on the Type 1 AFROTC scholarship? If so, by all means, pursue that with vigor try to get AFROTC docs to change their mind. On the other hand, if the inconsistency between AFROTC and the AF Academy docs is what is bugging you, and you just want to to try and fix it -- I would advise you let it go and be grateful for the medical waivers you have received.
I was in the same boat about 5 years ago. If you still have eczema, it's going to be near impossible to get a rebuttal. I had a history of eczema from when I was younger and got a dermatologist to write a letter saying that I do not have symptoms of eczema any more and I was able to get a waiver after it being denied initially. Feel free to PM me with questions :)

Good luck and hope you enjoy AFROTC!
Falcon A,

Thank you for your response. I no longer have eczema, and it is doubtful that I had it in the first place. I have a letter from my pediatrician (the doctor that diagnosed the eczema), saying that it has been resolved.

As for USAFA, the academies are my first choice and I will absolutely attend either one if offered admission. Afrotc is more of a backup plan at this point, but a plan that I would very much like to keep intact nonetheless.


Thank you, I will be sending you a message. I like your idea with the dermatologist, I will be scheduling an appointment asap. I suppose that a letter from a pediatrician wouldn't hold as much weight as a dermatologist.