AFROTC Scholarship 2018 - Results - January

I think it'll be all over in regards to time.
AFROTC Wings portal says "results will be released on or about January 31". So don't be surprised if they come out the next day.

Good luck, I'm waiting as well!
"We will also mail you a notification letter explaining whether or not you've been offered a scholarship."
The POC at dep 105 said I made the board but I will get my results sometime in the next few weeks not necessarily today
Means that your application was finished soon enough to go to the selection board.

Yeah, I guess we need to just sit tight and wait...bummer.
Nothing here yet either. Does anyone know for sure that the board did, in fact, meet last week? It still says that on DS’s portal.
Maybe the gov't shutdown slowed them down...I know the portal was down a few days longer than it was supposed to be for maintenance...
Still haven’t heard anything, portal says same thing since beginning of jan
Deep breaths, and get use to the military saying...HURRY UP and WAIT!

There have been years that they were 2 weeks after the on or about date. Not saying this is the case, but I am saying as hard as this part is, it only gets worse when waiting for boards because the stakes are higher.
~ SFT aka LEAD
~ Rated/Non-Rated
~ Base assignments/EAD

Good luck to all.