AFROTC Scholarship: Excess?


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Jul 17, 2017
Does a Type 7, AFROTC scholarship send excess financial aid if it applies? Or does it only pay off your remaining need?
If you read the fine print it says UP TO. IOWS, it really is going to come down to how the Bursar applies the scholarship and financial aid. If the Bursar applies the AFROTC scholarship off the top and uses the financial aid as the secondary, than yes you may get money back, but if they apply the financial aid 1st and the scholarship secondary than chances are you will not get a check cut to you.
~ IE you get 8000 in merit, and IS AFROTC for your state is 15K. The school may say AFROTC is off the top and cut you a check for 8K. However, they may say merit goes 1st, leaving 7K for AFROTC, which comes back to the fine print of UP TO.

check with your Bursars office to find out.