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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rupewvu, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I have a nephew (and his mother) that met with the AFROTC CoC at the University that he plans to attend next year and was told that they don't have any money for scholarships for next year. This doesn't make any sense to me since the 1st AFROTC board doesn't meet until December.

    Does anyone have any idea what the CoC might have been talking about?
    So if he gets a scholarship from one of the boards, what does that mean?
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    Perhaps he was talking about campus based scholarships as opposed to the national high school scholarships that the boards award.
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    I agree with kinnem.

    They are 2 different pools of money.

    The college det is saying they will not be offering an IS det funded scholarship. That means to him, if he selects this college and doesn't get an AFROTCHQ scholarship there will be no money from them either since they aren't offering any scholarships.

    I give kudos to the CoC since they were up front and honest, saying their det does not have any funds for det only scholarships. Other colleges, such as VT, ERAU probably will have det funds for scholarships, hence why they are saying there he can only use the AFROTC scholarship or any college merit money.

    This has nothing to do with AFROTCHQ, just the det.

    There are many sites that tell the stats for the median AFROTCHQ scholarships by types.

    Ballpark is basically
    1330 SAT best sitting...not superscore for Type 1
    1280 SAT as above for Type 2
    1230 SAT *** above for Type 7

    ~ Majors matter.
    ~~~~Non tech expect a much higher SAT, probably Type 1 score SAT. Only 15-20% of all scholarships are non-tech. Type 1 is 5% of all scholarships, and 5% of them are non-tech...900 scholarships awarded, 45 are Type 1. 5% of the 45 or 2-3 are awarded nationally from a pool of 5K+
    ~ PFA will matter
    ~ Medical waivers will matter
    ~ EC's, such as athletics and leadership will matter.
    ~ Board only looks at the end of their jr yr in hs.

    It is about their Whole Candidate Score (WCS), college selection does not matter, unlike their sister services. The recipients can take it to Harvard or to University of Timbucktoo.

    The CoC was may have been trying to say submit the best packet because that is all they can do.

    CoC's are very aware of the fact that AFA candidates apply AFROTC as plan B, and that AFA intends to only have 1100 for the incoming class of 2017. That means, many of them will opt plan B...AFROTC scholarship.

    Best wishes, and I hope you now can see the bigger picture they are seeing as a CoC.

    OBTW, JMPO I am betting because of sequestration, this was a player in their opinion. If DC does not address this issue by Jan 1st, 500 BN more will be cut from the DoD budget, and ROTC will be on the hit list. They may be looking at funding to keep the det alive.

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