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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by theclassics, Feb 17, 2013.

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    So, I just recently received a Type 7 scholarship. On my application, I noted I wanted to do Electrical Engineering as my intended major. Well that was back around October of 2012. I now want to do Mechanical...Am I able to check off Mechanical Engineering on the Scholarship Indorsement Letter, although I received the scholarship while listed as EE major? Side Question, How easy is it to switch between tech majors.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Contact your ALO for clarification ASAP. They are in the chain for AFROTCHQ. EE currently is a critical manning field, and although the scholarship is tech, they may have awarded because you are going EE. Long term ADAF personnel manning decision.

    Transferring a major when in AFROTC will require the dets approval. Traditionally going from 1 tech to another tech major is a snap. Tech to non-tech is rare...snow in July happens in AK, but from a big picture in the US, statistically it is rarer than rare.

    I would also have a conversation with them about chances of getting a rated slot if that is what you want out of AFROTC. In the past 2 boards, EE's because of critical manning many cadets are not even eligible to compete for the slot. I read somewhere that for FY13, only 5% of EE AFROTC cadets were selected in the NATION.

    I am not saying don't go EE, I am saying, your major will impact your future since it is the needs of the AF.

    The next step which will be the DoDMERB is just as important, and if you need a waiver it can take 6 days or 6 months. The longer you wait to accept will put you that much further behind and getting this aspect cleared for contracting.

    Congrats on the scholarship. Talk to your ALO they are the best in your case because they are exactly that...a liaison. They know how to guide you regarding your options.

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