AFROTC Technical Major Choice


Jan 30, 2018
I have received a type 7 scholarship for a technical major for AFROTC. I have been accepted into CU Boulder, in the college of arts and sciences. I have to choose a technical major from the list so I want to choose the environmental engineer major, but that is in the college of engineering and applied sciences. How would I go about doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Well I think you might be in a tough spot. If your scholarship was offered as technical then you must pursue a technical degree. CU Boulder is one of those schools with very rigidly separated schools. You needed to apply to the school of engineering during your application process and get accepted (CU engineering is significantly more competitive than CU Art/Sci). It is technically possible to move between schools but there is an application process and if you switch into engineering after your first year or even after your first semester it is gonna be a huge uphill climb to complete all the courses required for any sort of engineering major. There are still some technical majors you could pursue in the school of Art/Sci (Oceanic Sciences, Comp Sci), but be careful with that because I believe the AF has a blanket ban on completing a technical degree outside of your university's college of engineering. If you really want to pursue your AFROTC scholarship and study environmental engineering, you might have to consider attending another school. You could also try to contact the ROTC detachment at CU as well as the school of engineering to see if there is anything you can do to somehow get into the school of engineering. Certain schools do give some degree of preferential treatment to cadets, so it's worth a shot. Best of luck!
CU Art/Sci offers a pre-engineering course that you can take and eventually transfer into CU's engineering college. If you can contact the school and try transferring into the engineering college now then that is great and preferred, however all freshman, whether pre-engineering or engineering students, take almost the exact same classes, so you should be fine. Also, congrats! I just received a scholarship (AROTC) and committed to CU too!
I know next to nothing about ROTC but I know a lot about engineering programs. Except for some very specialized engineering schools (CSM, Michigan Tech, SDSMT etc.), freshman year for most engineering programs is pretty generic. Take the same classes as required by the engineering college & kick butt for grades. Almost all colleges will let you (despite what your advisors may say). Generally if you get 3.2 or better you will be allowed to transfer into an Engineering program after your first or (more likely) second semester. This is exactly what my second oldest son did & he just graduated with a ChemE degree & is now in grad school.