AFROTC - two quick questions


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Dec 17, 2008
Is there anyway to determine which colleges I selected on my application. Kind of embarrassing that I do not remember. Also, if I understand things correctly a NROTC scholarship is awarded to a specific school. Is that how AFROTC scholarships work, or is there more freedom?
You can pick any college for a AFROTC scholarship. If I recall the process from when my son got a scholarship, they asked what colleges he wanted to go to, but didn't mandate any. He just had to informed them of his choice when he returned the scholarship paperwork.
DS just told him which college he was going to for his AF scholarship. The biggie on the AF is the type, which you are allowed to exchange in for certain ones. I.E. you get a 4 yr IS, but chose to go OOS and the tuition is above the barrier, you can change it to a 3 yr. You may enfroll into ROTC even if you do not have a scholarship..

Good luck
My son had to specify which schools he wanted (I think it was 5) and had to list them in order of preference. He actually called during the process and was told he could not change the order of preference. When he got the scholarship offer, he had to pick one of his five choices and respond by a certain date. He took The Citadel over USF, UCF, UF and Virginia Tech.