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Feb 1, 2016
My daughter received notice on Friday that she has been offered a 4-Year, Type 7, Technical Major, Air Force ROTC college scholarship. First, I'll say that we are very excited for her, but apprehensive about her accepting the scholarship. The reason for this is that on the website, that a Type 7 does not say that it covers Fees... "Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of a public school’s in-state rate and a book allowance" ( ). My Daughter qualifies for the Zell Miller scholarship in Georgia that cover 100% of tuition (the version of the GA Hope Scholarship that pays 100% of tuition where GA Hope only cover 80%).

Fees are quite a chunk of money to go to college, but if they are not included, maybe she needs to convert to a 3yr Type 2 which pays fees and just go with the GA Zell Miller Hope Scholarship the first year or forego the scholarship all together as it may not be worth accepting it for a book allowance and stipend and go with the Zell Miller the entire way.

Does anyone know if Fees are not part of the Type 7 Scholarship? Should she convert to a 3yr Type 2?

Also, She's been given a Conditional Admission to Georgia Tech which is given to children/siblings of Alumni and Employees. This means she need to go to another school her first year, complete her freshman classes, have 30 hrs of transferable credit in the first year and then transfers to Georgia Tech. She's going to go to Kennesaw State University (Former Southern Polytechnic) for a year in their Mechanical Engineering program. My daughter thinks they will cap he scholarship at the price for KSU and not increase it when she goes to GT which is quite a bit more expensive. Is this the case? Also the her offer email says "The 3-Year, Type 2 scholarship can be activated at the beginning of the sophomore year, although the student must be a full-time student and must attend AFROTC their freshman year at the same school where they intend to activate their scholarship." GT and KSU are the same detachment and KSU is a Cross Town for GT. Does this mean she cannot convert to a 3 year Type 2 and would need to stay at KSU or lose the scholarship?

I hope my questions make sense.

thanks, Bryce
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1. Congrats
2. Understand that the AFROTC scholarship is what we call around here a 2+2. As a sophomore she will meet another board for Summer Field Training (SFT aka EA). She competes with every cadet, the board is called masked when it comes to the scholarship. Iows, they do not which cadet is on scholarship and which is not. If not selected chances are very high they will disenroll her from the AFROTC program.
~ The rates of selection change year to year. There have been years that the rate was @55% and years that were 93%. The % change, but basically the number for selection has not. That number has hovered right @2000 every year. The reason the % changes is because the pool size changes, and nobody will not know the size until 2 years from now.
~~ It maybe wiser to take the Zell Miller from the get go, because if she does not get selected for SFT and had activated as a 3 yr 2 would she be eligible to reinstate the Zell Miller?
3. It may have changed, but I do recall them picking up fees, but only certain types of fees. IE they will pay for LAB fees, associated with taking those courses.
4. I don't know the answer to your last question, but my gut says she would have to go through HQ AFROTC if she is taking it as a type 7 and not a type 2. Type 2 is going to cap out at 18K, no matter the cost. Thus, they may say to her, she has to go 3 yr type 2 right off the bat or better yet, HQ AFROTC at Maxwell.
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So far, she's gotten a lot of confusing and conflicting information.
The best that we've gotten a solid answer on us that the AFROTC Type 7 will stack on top of the Zell Miller/Hope Scholarship... So basically, Zell Miller covers 100% of tuition, and the Type 7 would end up paying 0% or Hope Pays 80% and Tpe 7 would then cover the other 20% If she lost the AFROTC scholarship for whatever reason, ZellMiller/Hope would still be in play. Zell Miller/Hope pays strictly what us itemized as Tuition and none of the required fees. The State (lottery funded ) Hope/Zell Miller Scholarships are always one of these things that are threatened to be defunded by the state legislature every year, but for now as long as her grades remain good she'll get these.

If the AFROTC Scholarship goes away on her, Zell Miller/Hope will be there still as a backup as long as her grades qualify and the state is still funding it.

She's meeting with the Recruiter from GTs AFROTC program on Friday. Hopefully they can get her some answers. A big question that she has for them is the Major she's selected. At GT, she was going to declare Mechanical Engineering. Now at Kennesaw State University, they offer a BSME degree, but not a AFROTC Approved Major (though we know a student in the GT detachment that is at KSU as an ME.. need to talk to him. Must be because he's not on a scholarship from what I read)... so it looks like she would declare Physics at KSU and then transfer to GT and change majors to ME... that sounds like a real goat rodeo though. KSU has a ME Track in the Physics program, so she could take that, but if she transfers, she'd never get to the meat of the program at KSU anyhow.

I guess right now, since she wants a career in the Air Force and plans on being in ROTC in college, one way to look at this is this: Even if it doesn't cover any more tuition than Hope/ZM, it does give her the book allowance, monthly stipend and travel expenses for ROTC. Sort of like being payed to be in the program that she wanted to be in anyhow.
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From the AFROTC web site only computer science, chemistry and mathematics are approved majors at KSU.

But KSU has absorbed Southern Poly now. There is no more Southern Poly on it's own but is a part of KSU as the State Board of Regents is combining a lot of schools and streamlining things.
The website still lists Southern Poly as it's own school, so the site's not up to date. That's more questions fore her to ask

this is the info on Southern Poly...
Approved Technical Majors:
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
It also says "Please contact the Host University for a list of approved majors for this school." so we're not sure what that means.. is that for the non tech majors or is the list not complete. Another question got the folks at the detachment.

I guess she'd go with Math and transfer up to GT if they've dropped all the Southern Poly approved majors. The chemistry curriculum doesn't require the more advanced classes of the physics program.

Helping my daughter figure all this out gives me headaches... she also has issues (non AFROTC) that GT has decided to no longer offer 4hr Calc I, II and III, but break out Linear Algebra out of Calc II, making you take a 2hr Integral Calc, 2hr Linear Algebra, 4 hr Differential Calc and 4hr Multi Variable Calc. So, no other schools offer a math program that exactly transfers nor do AP credits match up anymore, but they require you to take the first 8 hours prior to transferring. that's for a meeting with the registrars in a few weeks when they have a transfer student meeting.
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Figured I'd give an update after my daughter had a conversation with the recruiter at GT.

  • Mandatory Student Fees are covered. Hope and Zell Miller only cover Tuition, so the HSSP will cover the Manditory Fees. You can see what the Fees are in addition to Tuition at this link. 2015 and Spring 2016 Undergraduate.pdf
  • They are going to find out about how the HSSP and Hope/Zell Miller work out together and the cap on the amount of the HSSP. we'll have to play around with that and see what works out best. One thought is to take the HSSP, and if she's not selected after sophomore year she can always pick up Hope or Zemm Miller as long as she's still under 127hrs of credit, within 7 years of HS graduation and meets the grade requirements. So if she's not selected, she can pick up Hope/ZM if that happens.
  • Since KSU and Southern Poly are now one, she can use any approved major from either... so it looks like Physics with the Mechanical Engineering Track is in her future. It kind of covers her bases since she wants to be an ME, but not an approved major for HSSP at KSU. If she stays at KSU (Trandfer to GT denied), she'll at least get some ME education in the Physic program and have the HSSP. If she looses HSSP or Transfers to GT, then she can change to ME (either at GT or KSU) and be on the right track for that.
  • The Recruiter said it's not going to be that big a deal for her to transfer from KSU to GT as far as AFROTC is concerned since she'll be transferring from a Cross Town School to the main school. She said the bigger deal is transferring to GT period. Changing detachments is where it would get messy they told her.
The unanswered Hope/Zm and HSSP used together question is, does HSSP cap at the school Tuition or what HSSP actually pays towards the school tuition? We are hoping it's the former. Then she can take Hope/ZM and HSSP all at once from the start. Other wise, the thought is to take HSSP and have it capped at the KSU rates, transfer to GT, add Hope/ZM in and stack HSSP on top of that to cover the increase in Tuition and Fees at GT.