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    Another question would be, which looks better on a resume, USMA degree in nuclear engineering, USMMA degree in marine engineering, or Navy ROTC at Texas A&M degree in nuclear engineering? If doing something related with nuclear engineering.

    Thanks for the help. My DS has some big decisions. I am trying to get all the information I can to help.
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    It will all depend on who's hiring. For all options, except for USMMA, military service is required, so with USMA and NROTC options, what kind of military experience would your DS have.

    Not going to do any nuclear engineering in the Army. In the Navy, your DS could actually become a nuclear engineer, but not a sure thing.
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    ^^^^ +1
    In the Navy, your DS could work in reactors and Naval Nuclear experience is sought out by the Nuclear power industry (if they are hiring, which ebbs and flows).

    Marine Engineering is very different than Nuclear Engineering. If he wants to work designing vessels, ships, or boats - Marine Engineering would be a typical degree. USMMA will also reward him with a license to pilot vessels in and out of ports. Not so w/Navy or Army.

    If he wants to work on reactor design, or deal w/environmental issues (remediation, waste disposal), or do research (safer fuels, better reactors, safety systems), or design nuclear propulsion and power plant, or work on non-proliferation - Nuclear Engineering would be the way to go.

    In all cases your DS will likely need to do some graduate work during or after his service obligation to be most attractive for employment and for increased credibility over the related subject matter (as 5 years doing something different is a lifetime as far as engineering is concerned).

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