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    Well, this marks a wondrous day in this Private Third Class' book! I got a slot for Air Assault School, 12-25 July at Ft. Benning, and I'm extremely excited to be going. While I'm already prepping myself physically (anyone familiar with The Special Ops Workout by Stew Smith?) and planning on browsing through the Army FM-450 series once I make it through this academic trudge period, I was just wondering if anyone on the forum had any survival tips, training suggestions, or even anecdotes from their time at the school before I undergo my training.
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    Study. Hydrate. Practice the obstacle course. Tear your kit apart (ruck off the frame) and scrub it clean for every inspection. You may not use a ruck now since TSAAS has switched to the assault pack & IOTV instead of the old ruck method, and they are the proponent school for air assault.

    The key is attention to detail. Practice your slingload inspections until you're so sick of them you want to scream. Those who don't will bolo out of the school on sling load day.

    Lastly...practice ruck marching. The 12-miler is a gut-check and nothing more.

    Good luck. I was the Distinguished Honor Graduate, Class #06-05 at the Light Fighters School. If I can do it, anyone can. I mean that.
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    For me it was more mentally challenging than physically

    Don't doubt me, it still sucked physically (esp first 2 days). I did a 12 mile ruck at West Point before leaving (requirement for us) and I finished with at least 30 minutes to spare. And that was with hills...Camp Smith was pretty flat (don't know about Benning though). 9 days of smoking doesn't exactly prepare you for a 12 mile ruck lol. But it got a little better for us as the days went by...

    Either way, guess I wasn't in top shape...made the 12 mile ruck with about 3 minutes remaining...ha

    Keep your cardio up, double/triple check that you have everything on the packing list. And bring a lock so you can lock it up if lockers are provided...a friend had one of his items stolen the day before the last ruck. Study the handbook hard and get as much hands on time as possible - slings loads are a challenge. Written tests should not be too hard as long as you study. Tip for sling loads...use your phone to take pictures of the sling loads when you go out to play with them. And bring them back so you can study them on your bunk before you go to bed!

    Bring some music and a good book. We got a lot of downtime and if you're not talking with friends, its nice to relax and get ready to conquer the next day.

    Honestly, I look back on the school with nice memories - I actually did have fun at times (more fun than buckner) and got some quality training from a bunch of senior combat vet NCOs from the 101st. Our cadre were funny as hell...lots of great laughs. I learned a lot. And was pretty proud of myself for completing it at the end. Good luck!!!
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