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    Hi I am currently a junior, class of 2016, in high school and I was wondering if I have a decent chance, if any at all, of making it into the USAFA. Here are my stats:
    3.86 unweighted/4.30 weighted GPA
    Class rank: 66/429(I know not very good, I go to an elite high school though)
    PSAT: 70CR/71M/70W = 211 total (Should qualify for National Merit Finalist, cutoff was only 207 in my state, Alabama, last year)
    ACT 31 composite with 32 English/33 Math/30 Reading/28 Science (This should go up to around a 34 composite, I took it last year without any preparation)
    Honors/AP courses: Honors English 9 and 10, AP English 11, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry(3 on exam), AP Environmental Science, Honors Algebra 2 w/Trig, Honors Precalculus
    I'm going to take AP English 12 as well as Honors Calculus and AP Calculus next year(My school works by semesters so I can take both in the same academic year)
    Varsity Football 2 years(Will have 3 years by graduation)
    Rec League basketball 3 years(4 years by graduation) Captain all 3 years so far(4 by graduation)
    Mile Time:6:23
    Shuttle Run:8.20
    Have not tried the other events but I am 5'8 and I weigh 140 pounds with a bench max of 165, squat max of 325, power clean max of 175, and a deadlift max of 300 so I am in good overall physical condition.
    Extracurricular Activities(non-athletic):
    National Honor Society 1 year(2 years by graduation)
    Air Force JROTC (4 courses completed by graduation)
    Air Force JROTC Academic team
    Leadership positions(non-athletic):
    Air Force JROTC Flight Operator, rank of Cadet Technical Sergeant
    Air Force JROTC Flight Superintendent, rank of Cadet Technical Sergeant
    Air Force JROTC Academic team commander, rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant
    Community Service:
    I've done community service with both JROTC and Nation Honor Society. Not sure how many hours.
    Work Experience:
    I'm half white and half Asian from Alabama if that matters...

    What are my weakest areas? Will it look really bad that I don't have very many community service hours(only around 100) and no job experience?

    Also, I can take another JROTC course next year where I would most likely get another leadership position, or I can take Spanish, which would be better for my application?

    Any input is welcome, thanks!
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    Looks great so far. Keep up the hard work. Maybe run track or find another varsity sport. Keep an eye out for leadership positions and volunteer opportunities. It wouldn't hurt to do something significant this summer, i.e. Summer job, Boys State, summer internship, etc...

    Best of luck to you!
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    I'm a prior enlisted preppie and USAFA class of 2019 and I had a 3.08 GPA in HS, SAT scores CRIT/REA 520, MATH 590 and WRI 480. I was 56 out of 255. I never did JROTC, I played one year of varsity football my senior year. I'm 5'5 at 140 lbs. If yours look anything close to mine, you might get an extra year by going to the prep or a decline. I got accepted because my grades shot up from average my sophomore year to high my junior and senior years in HS. I also got a recommendation from 2 officers (tech school commander, and squad commander) and the maintenance superintendent while I was enlisted. I went to college for a while and had a 3.6 GPA. I finished my enlisted training right before I was offered an appointment. I know a few directs and a bit about their application package.

    So far, for you, everything looks good for direct entry but your ACT shows your weakness is in science, and the Academy is primarily a science/engineering school, but I'm sure they will seriously consider you with everything you just mentioned. Everything seems to be in order. Apply as soon as applications open up for class of 2020, the earlier you get it done, the better.

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