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May 21, 2007
Would anyone like to talk on this forum in the chatroom about the academy sometime?
If you figure out a time please post in here and we'll make sure to have moderator support. Also, we'll try to organize some cadets to be available if there are any willing to come answer some questions.

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We could do it this weekend. When is the best times for you guys? I'd be happy to do it whenever. I thought it would be fun to talk to other people about the academy. I am going to the USAFA Summer Seminar and I am really excited about it!:biggrin:
Obviously missed the weekend, but if you guys set a time (at least a couple days in advance) I would be up for it.
Usually checking email and such, daily 8 - 9 am, can chime in at that time.....:thumb:
Should we do it this Saturday 8ish in the morning then? I'm free whenever so if someone has a better time, but if not I'll be there. :biggrin:
Perhaps putting a timezone in would ensure that everyone shows up around the appropriate time. Remember, 8 AM in New York, is 5 AM in Los Angeles, and 2 AM in Honolulu!!
I think I figured out the time zones. I live in California(Pacific) so If we were to have chat at 10:00am(pacific) that would be 1200pm(Mountain) 1:00pm(Central) 2:00pm(Eastern) 9:00am (Alaska) and 8:00 Hawaii I think... so let me know if that ti mesounds good to you guys or if you still want to:smile:
itd be 11 mountain 12 central and 1 eastern =P

Sounds good to me though.
The time sounds good to me, although it would have to be on the weekend. I have this weird thing school I have to go to during the week. :biggrin: