Air Force Academy Summer Seminar


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Dec 30, 2007

I am a little confused I applied to the summer seminar and I got a call from an air force colonel asking me which session I would prefer and he said he would pass it on to the academy, but made no indication that I was accepted. Any one have any idea if I'm in or not or if it is still under review.

Andrew Mitchell
Usually they make you pick the sessions you are able to attend on the app. It is possible that they saw some interest in you and were seeing your preference. Although nothing is certain... The Colonel, was he your ALO?
Well then thats a good thing! Get to know your ALO. He may or may not write a recommendation for you for summer seminar. So if you get a chance to chat with your ALO jump on it and ask questions. Its best to get to know them now, than later.
what does your online status say?

If they are looking at going to summer seminar THIS summer; then they are applying to the class of 2014; then their online application status/access/candidate app isn't even available until june/july. I don't think they have an "Online Status" to even look at. Unless you're talking about something else and I'm misunderstanding you. later... mike....
Yes, there is an application status for the Summer Seminar. For example, mine is "currently under review". Before that it said, "your application has not been processed yet." GET TO KNOW YOUR ALO! Mine wrote a recommendation for me!
Thanks for the info. I did not know that. When my son applied to summer seminar, I believe the cutoff day was the middle of march. Maybe it was the middle of February. Either way; he got in his application a couple of weeks ahead of time and found out a few weeks later that he got a slot. Thanks for the info. mike....