Air Force ROTC field training selection for class of 2015?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by caleb74, Aug 10, 2011.

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    For the summer of 2013 do you think the selection rate will still be in the low 60% area? I won't be able to be involved in ROTC for another year until I transfer I'm mainly worried about not getting enough time to show leadership potential etc since that is 50% of the points.
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    You are asking for an answer nobody in their right mind would give.

    You have too many variables in the equation.

    1. You are not in ROTC, and will be transferring next yr to a school with ROTC.
    ~~~ No offense, but do you have a guarantee you will be accepted to that school?
    ~You are an incoming freshman that has yet to live one day at that school, but you already intend to leave?
    ~ Will your grades be high enough to transfer in?

    2. DOD budget
    ~~~ DOD needs to chop @10% of their budget, and nobody knows where it will come from.

    3. ROTC unit
    ~~~ Did you contact the unit you want to transfer into?
    ~What did they say? Listen to them, they will protect and guide you. Being in ROTC for 2 yrs compared to a yr in some dets. won't matter. In other's it will.

    Finally, the national avg for SFT 12 was not in the 60+%, it was in the 50+%. There were some units with 35%. That being stated and you stating 60%+, I am betting you are interested in a strong ROTC unit. See #3.

    AFROTC units are not cookie cutters, they really have different stats. The three things that really matters above all are:
    ~CGPA: 3.0 and you are going to have some serious issues, esp. if you are non-tech. Tech you are on the cusp.
    ~PFA: 95 and you can probably call it a day
    I always through this out there to illustrate, because it needs to be understood there is a difference between stats and numbers.

    ERAU, has the 2nd highest amount of UPT slots awarded after the AFA. That is their selling point.

    However, when you put them up statistically from a % perspective, they are avg, and compared to some units they are statistically lower. VT AFROTC had a higher SFT % than ERAU. They also had for Class of 12, 100% of their cadets that applied pilot (UPT) get UPT.

    Caveat: DS is not at ERAU nor VT so I have no bone in the fight. And yes, DS got UPT from his school. No, not everybody did, I believe it was @ 90%.

    Good luck, but for now take everything I just posted and file it. YOU NEED TO GET INTO AFROTC 1ST!
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