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    My son received the following message on the AFROTC website:

    "Your application met the board and you were not selected for a scholarship. However, based on your rank on the board, your application will be meeting the next board. You will be receiving written confirmation via mail within the next few weeks."

    Will someone please give me some more insights into what this message means and how the selection process works.

    I was a little surprised that he was not given a scholarship after the first board review because it is my understanding that he is a very strong candidate, both for the Academy as well as ROTC. He is fully qualified for the Academy with a congressional nomination already in place. I know I'm just a proud parent and all, but I would have thought that he would have been given an ROTC scholarship right away...
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    AFROTC and AFA work differently when it comes to selection.

    It is not uncommon for an AFROTC candidate not to receive a scholarship, but get an apptmt to the AFA.

    The reason why is the selection system.

    AFA is geographically centric. In other words, your DS will first fight for the appointment via his MOC nom. Doesn't win the appointment, but still deemed competitive he will go into the NWL pile.

    AFROTC is national. They couldn't care if he attends HS school in Eagle River AK or Alexandria, VA. They both compete together for the same scholarship selection.

    AFA and AFROTC also have one big difference for PAR. AFA superscores the SAT/ACT. AFROTC does not. AFROTC takes the best sitting.

    As I stated on another thread, re-boarding can be a positive sign. Remember AFROTC has only completed 1 board, compared to their sister services which have completed many boards. They need to see a larger pool of candidates to decide where he ranks regarding which type if any they will give.

    LY there was a candidate that was re-board 2x.

    I would be optimistic now, but I would also do some further research from a personal perspective.

    1. What is his best sitting for SAT/ACT
    ~~~ Type 7 the avg is 1235?, it may be 1250, but if you take the time to google it is out there. I believe 2 was 1260, and 1 was 1350. Do not quote me.

    Remember this is BEST SITTING, not superscore.

    2. Have him talk to his ALO
    ~~~ Key word HIM.

    Since your DS is also an AFA candidate, I am assuming the ALO was his rec for AFROTC.

    His ALO should be able to tell him how he racked and stacked among his peers for AFROTC scholarship.

    ALO's are people that have an AF connection from the AD perspective. They understand how to write recs., and how certain key words matter to the boards.

    ~ My top candidate
    ~ One of my top candidates
    ~ Strong candidate
    ~ I support this candidate

    The ALO's rec is part of the WCS. You can see easily here how 1 simple statement just spoke volumes to the board. Many ALO's will discuss the pts they are allowed to give, in that case what your DS wants to know if he was awarded MAX pts.

    One thing I will point out was something I learned last yr because a candidate with what everyone here thought had out the door stats(Magnet school, 1300+ SAT, sports, BSA Eagle), and was a shoe in for a scholarship did not receive one. It was because of the technical major he opted to go for, it was in engineering, and according to the AF, that major was the factor.:eek: Had he chosen another tech major he would have received a scholarship, maybe even a Type 1...who knows. However, as kinnem stated on another thread the AF may need chemical engineers and award a scholarship, while the Navy may have enough and not award a scholarship.

    Nobody here sits on the boards. Nobody here works for AF manpower and can tell you what their needs will be in FY17. All anyone can say is from a historical perspective this is how it has worked, and for all we know this may be the yr it changes.

    Right now and for the next few months you will be living in the what if world. For me personally, a glass of wine and admitting what will be will be is the way to survive it.:wink:

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