***Air National Guard to AFROTC; What benefits does ANG offer in California?***

Apr 14, 2018
I have a ton of questions. My main goal is to go to college with *AS LITTLE DEBT AS POSSIBLE* & *Commission from AFROTC before I turn 39*.

Im 31 now. A friend suggested I join the Air National Guard in my homestate of California to help pay for college. I'm looking at joining ANG (Air National Guard) in California OR Hawai'i. I will be closely watching the developments in Hawai'i and make an infomed decision later on (there was a volcano eruption a week or so ago in Hawai'i ans if it worsens I will stay in California and plan on joining ANG here).

Problem is I cant figure out how the benefits work.
Someome ONLINE said it will take me 724 days (2 yrs) of full-time work work with the ANG/TDY and deployments to tap into the GI Bill.

I called the recruiter to ask him about the above and he threw around 3 different phrases; "Montgomery Gi Bill", "Post 9/11 bill", and "Gi Bill". Then said those where what I was reffering to when it came to the 724.

He then said I can tap into Tuition assistance immediately after signing a contract with ANG. Regardless of how long I have been in the Air Guard.

And after being in 2 years (not counting full-time/TDY/deployment time) that I can receive Cal Gran A, Cal Grant B or Cal Grant C and combine them with my Financial Aid award. Cal Grant isnt muchl. The wiki says Cal Grant A is "$5,742 at Cal State schools and $12,630 at UC schools. Up to $9,223 is given to students attending a private school." IN CALIFORNIA there is a Community College that offers the ability to get Bachelors degrees. And I dont know if Cal Grant A covers that. There's a lot of questions the recruiter didnt answer.

Furthermore, I feel like the recruiter is purposely not explaining the benefits clearly, in an attempt to trick me into joining the guard. So Im here seeking information.

I see that ANG contracts for non-prior service are 6 years. And see that I can be conditionally released from my ANG contract 30 days before commissioning and then sign a contract with the Air Force. But thats at the descretion of my commander or whomever. So the ANG can refuse to let me go.

About how often does ANG refuse to release airmen from their contracts? I ask because I don't want to be stuck in ANG for years mainly due to me getting so close to the age limit for commissioning (age limit is now 39).

Will my ANG order overlap with my AFROTC classes and drills?
How can I avoid this happening?
Im a C average student and I know my limits. I dont think I could handle college coursework alongside AFROTC and ANG Drilling etc.

I could probably do just AFROTC and college. But not sure about college+ANG+AFROTC.

I was told the first 2 years of AFROTC are relatively easy. Wonder how possible it would be to get out of my ANG contract by the time I become a POC?


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Mar 14, 2014
You are wise to take the recruiter's claims with a grain of salt.

I would recommend that you quickly reach out to an AFROTC cadre member at the nearest college that offers AFROTC. Get your questions answered there before they leave campus for the summer!


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Oct 21, 2010
Strong +1 to AROTC-dad. I believe if you go "Guard" prior to enrolling in AFROTC then AFROTC might possibly be off the table. I could very well be wrong, but speak to some AFROTC connected officer. Recruiters are paid and trained to recruit enlisted folks and not officers.