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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by JSH123, Dec 18, 2015.

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    About a month back, I thought my application to West Point was complete because everything on my portal was marked green. I recently found out that I needed to submit a resume as well. Now that I have submitted everything required of me on the portal AND the resume, is my application complete??? I'm just looking for some closure. I should hear back about my nominations next week...
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    There is still more to submit. It goes by order of precedence. They won't have someone do medical until they are academically competitive; this saves the government some money. You won't bother with a National Agency Security Investigation until you're offered a slot for the same reason - they're expensive to conduct. Likewise, your RC won't worry about the little things like your SSN Card or Birth Certificate until it's needed and you have the "Larger" requirements complete such as Official SAT/ACT scores. Just keep on top of whatever they ask of you. Keep in contact with (Don't Pester) your RC and Liaison. If everything is all green to go on your end, send them a note saying so and ask if there is anything needed on your end.

    Scouts Out!

    PS. I've said "you" a lot. Make sure YOU are the one contacting WP, not your parent or guardian.
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    It sounds like they've changed the process a little in the last 2 years. The PE teacher SOE was not required for class of 2018, and I don't remember if a resume was required. I'd suggest you keep checking your portal once a week or so to make sure everything is complete and something new hasn't been added. In reality the process really isn't complete until you step off that bus at CBT, because if you receive an appointment you will need to fill out more forms (as pgraci mentioned), and from what I remember those forms start showing up piece-by-piece. Your "closure" will come between now and June when you either get an appointment or a QNS letter. Good luck and enjoy the holidays!
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    A few years back, my DS was asked to also submit a resume after the portal was all green but before getting the 3Q letter. We took it as another indicator of competitiveness and it may have been used by his RC when they have other RC's review the file as part of the 3Q process. This is only conjecture, but what else would admissions do with a resume when they already have all of the activities and achievements in their system?
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    My application consisted of a CPDR, Official ACT Score, Transcript, Academic Information, CAR, CFA, 3 SOE's, Medical, and Nomination. By "resume" do you mean the CAR (Candidate Activities Record)?

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