Allergy Questionnaire


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Jul 17, 2007
Hi -- I'm a new poster - helping DS with DODMERB remedials --
He has to complete the Allergy Questionnaire -- and doesn't have any allergies -but does "react" to poison ivy.

Is that reaction something that should be reported ... or sufficiently common that it can be ignored? No intent to dissemble, defraud, lie, but not looking for a fight either -- ya' know?

If DoDMERB sent out the allergy questionnaire it most likely was because your son stated he was allergic to poison ivy. Be honest and explain the full symptoms of his allergic symptoms. Does he need physicians treatment, does he have difficulty breathing, does he have to take a systemic medication or steriods when exposed? These are all important items that DoDMERB is looking for.
Thank you for your quick reply! I appreciate your time and attention.
The reason they sent the allergy questionnaire (I think) is due to exercise induced bronchial spasm when he was about 10.
The poison ivy question came up with me --- and may appear in his records as his dermatology recently (within last 4 months) prescribed an ointment.

I guess that may answer my own question -- if he's received a RX, it maybe needs to be mentioned??
I would mention it. As long as its not a systemic reaction, and just a localized reaction it should not be an issue.
Thank you, again. I appreciate the information.

I removed the notation of poison ivy from the first question "list your allergies" but stated it in #6 "contact allergies" -- it seemed to be a better answer there as it didn't fit any of the stated examples in #1 and it is a contact reaction.

Thank you for your time and expertise!