ALO Question


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Aug 1, 2006
Son's original ALO quit in June when son was at Summer Seminar. We got a post card from new ALO letting us know this. Son has talked to new ALO once on the phone and one email since. ALO has said that he is very busy with his own candidates plus new ones from the guy who quit. Son sent an email with a question back on July 22, and hasn't heard anything. Son is now asking us how long he should wait before trying again...doesn't want to bug the guy. Personally, I thing he should bug the guy, but it is his decision...

What do all of you experienced parents think? I do not want to interfere. Should I just let him wait?

Thanks for the help on this, and all of the other information that I've gotten from this site.
Bug him. if he has a lot of candidates your sons message just probably got lost in all the other messages he's getting.
By all means call the person! It's been 20 days!

If this were my kid and my son had his ALO's phone number, I would advise him to call. Not everyone loves email. If he does not get him, leave a detailed voice mail and ask for a call back. I would call back every 3 days and follow up with email until I made contact. I would also have my calendar ready so I could make an appointment on the spot.

Persistence pays and 1 phone call and 1 email every 3 days is not nagging, it is persistence.

Agree with FOF. My son's ALO made a point of mentioning at the HS appointment ceremony, that he was impressed with how much my son initiated calls and contact. "It was that kind of drive that really distinguished him from other candidates. I never had to call him; he always kept in touch with me." That's a direct quote! Good luck.