Mar 12, 2017
Can the alo see a candidates application? I'm only curious as I'm wondering if the alo should be given a resume to know SOMETHING about the candidate prior to the interview.
Our DS just completed his ALO interview and it was obvious to him that the ALO had his information in front of him. However, he did ask our DS to provide him with a condensed resume, highlighting the most important items, before the interview.
Interview was shorter than anticipated! 15 minutes. Could be a good thing or a bad thing. ALO asked for resume.
It is a best practice to always have an updated resume with you at ANY interview, regardless of MOC or PMS, or ALO etc.
Hi all!

The ALO has a portal too; it's called "ALOWEB." In it we can see our candidates basic information; which means if you submitted it then we can see it (not documents; written stuff like all your hobbies, classes you took: the things you listed when you registered with USAFA). We can also access the candidates portal page to see what they've submitted, what's still "out there" and the due dates, etc.

I personally ask for an "I love me" paper. Its not a resume; its more of an accounting of everything from the first day of 9th grade to the present: if you did it, I want to know about it. And NOTHING is too small or too trivial! From this paper, I can get the candidate to remember things they didn't tell USAFA or me's a great memory jogger!

And then the interview will happen and it'll be fun, easy, and not at all stressful.
(If I stress you out...well...we need to talk!)