am i on the right track for nrotc?

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    just wondering if i'm on the right track for a nrotc scholorship navy option. any advice or criticism will be appreciated

    unweighted gpa: 3.0(as of fresh.year)
    weighted gpa: 3.6(as of this year)

    class rank: 185/794

    in IB program(certificate level)

    -culinary arts I
    -english I Honors
    -algebra I
    -Earth Science
    -World Cultures Honors
    -P.E I
    -English II honors
    -Geometry Honors
    -P.E II
    -Biology Honors
    -Culinary Arts II

    Extra Curricular Activities
    -Youth & Government(plan on running for supreme court justice next year and chief justice senior year)
    -VP of Environmental club(going to be pres. next year till i graduate)
    -martial arts(since 6th grade)
    -academic world quest team(won 3rd place at local level)

    Volunteer work
    -various fundraisers and events for Youth&Government
    -Martha's Village&Kitchen for 150+ hours
    -various Environmental club projects
    -putting together emergency supply bins for my school

    i have taken 2 AP tests and 1 sat subject test
    -AP world Cultures(score of 3)
    -AP US history(yet to be seen)
    SATII U.S History(score of770)

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