am I too late?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by k.kiefer04, Aug 2, 2009.

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    This past month I've been extremely distracted from my application process. I was pretty much just playing it by ear because there's literally no one in my area that knows ANYTHING about the whole deal. I'm the first one in my family to even consider a military academy, and I'm determined to get in. My only problem is I'm afraid that it's too late to start getting stuff in order again for my application.

    I have no idea where to go to request an appointment, no clue who to call...

    I'm so behind, and I'm starting to become discouraged.

    any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Advice...if you want to go to USNA, finish the application. It might take some leg work but just go do it. Follow the directions. From what I remember, the application is pretty idiot proof (some mids become Marines). For nominations, go to the three websites that apply to you (house member and two US Senators).
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    No, you're not too late.

    Three suggestions:

    (1) Go to the website and click on Admissions. Read the entire thing. It will tell you what to do, deadlines, etc. Once you read it, come back with questions.

    (2) Go to the websites for your 3 members of Congress (2 senators and your rep). There will be a link to Service Academy nominations. Read it. It will tell you how to apply and the deadlines.

    (3) Figure out who your BGO is. If there are people at your school right now, ask your college/career counselor (BGOs are typically assigned by school). If no one is there or he/she doesn't know who the BGO is, go back to the website. Find the USNA catalog (downloadable) and look up your "Area Coordinator" (typically one per state; some states have several based on geographic area). Call him or her and find your BGO. If that doesn't work, email or call Candidate Guidance Office and ask them for your BGO. Your BGO can help you through the process.
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    Once you complete your preliminary application you will be assigned a candidate number. You can then find who has been assigned as your BGO on the CIS at the bottom of the information page. Their name and email address are provided; shoot them an email and then await a response. Remember, we're coming up to the end of the summer and many BGOs may be on vacation or out of the office on business.
    It's not too late to begin applying, in past years I've had candidates show up as late as November (NOT suggested, but yes, that candidate was strong enough to secure an appointment). The later you apply the crazier it gets for you to complete the application in a shorter period of time.

    Side bar: just had one applicant remind me that the deadline wasn't until 1 MAR 2010. No comment!

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