Amazing Young Man - VMI 2017 Valedictorian...


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Apr 7, 2016
I wasn't sure of the most appropriate place to post this, but had to post it somewhere. My DS told me about this great speaker he heard at VMI graduation and then told me what he knew about him. I looked him up on the VMI website and did a google search to find out more...

Drew Borinstein, now 2nd Lt in the Marine Corps, and valedictorian of VMI class of 2017 spoke at the graduation yesterday. Borinstein, an applied mathematics major and business minor from Shelbyville, Indiana, valedictorian of the Class of 2017 and recipient of the Jackson-Hope Medal for highest attainment in scholarship maintained a 4.0 grade point average while at VMI. Wow.

Pretty amazing performance. But then add in that he lost his most of his family during his time at VMI - his mother, sister and brother in a plane crash on their way to visit him after OCS only 16 months after the sudden loss of his father.

What an incredible young man.
Very impressive. He already has been an outstanding leader and I'm sure he will continue to be.
Our hearts broke for Drew last year when we heard of the passing of so much of his family. My son knows him from VMI and said he is an incredible young man. I believe God has amazing plans for him and I'm grateful he had an impact on my son's life.
He was one of the leaders to my DD in the Marine unit at VMI this past year. She told me he was a fantastic leader. She never knew of his tremendous losses until graduation day. The speech he gave at graduation was incredible, it brought me to tears and he never mentioned his losses.