Amount Of Candidates Left

A lot of FL still CPR. I know of three given appointments. One Bill Nelson nominated, one college reapplicant, CO nom and one for a sport unknown nomination. None are on the list. DD is still CPR. All friends of ours.
Me too... MD,VA, and FL. Anyone know why this seems to be a trend?
I think the reason why FL is so silent at the moment is due to the fact that there is a MASSIVE Navy population here. I'm sure Maryland and Virginia are the same way,(super competitive). I know that 5 people from my school applied to the USNA, and 3 received turndowns on March 16th. Now it's just this other candidate and I.
So if all i am riding on is a presidential nomination while being on CPR, am I still competing with the people in my State or region? Or is it just other presidential noms?
FL-15 still waiting as well. To my knowledge no one from my district has been appointed.