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    I am sure this has been addressed before but I can't seem to find it, either here or on USMA site:

    Can you take the CFA more than once, if your not satisfied with your score, for USMA?

    According to USNA: The CFA MUST be administered by a high school/prep school physical education teacher, team coach, commissioned officer (for military candidates), or the candidate's Blue and Gold Officer.

    As far as I can see a coach cannot administer the CFA for USMA, is this correct?

    The reason I am asking is that daughter is scheduled to take CFA administered by her coach. We want to know if she should change that so the score counts for USMA and USNA.

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    The CFA is a test. The test is given ONCE. You can take practice tests but you can't determine after the fact that your CFA was practice.
    In some cases USMA will offer a do over to a candidate who did not pass the test on the first go. These are candidates who are competitive in all other aspects.

    USMA no longer allows the CFA to be adminsitered by a Coach unless the coach is a Certified Phys Ed teacher. If your daughter has the test administered by a Coach for USNA she should expect USMA not to consider those results and them to request a re-take.

    here are the USMA instructions:
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    My son took it in June at Summer Leaders' Seminar. He had just come from the one at Navy and did significantly worse at WP (probably from a lack of sleep and being sore). He said they told them if they improved, that they could resubmit a new score.

    He retook it in July with his PE teacher and submitted those scores to AF and Navy, both of whom took them. He contacted his regional contact at WP and asked if he could fax the signed copy of his new scores to them. They agreed and he did then. It still doesn't show up on his admissions page; however, he has decided not to complete his WP application in the meantime since he received an LOA from Navy and the other two academies were his first two choices anyways.

    If you look at that online page however, it does say it MUST be a PE teacher, not a coach, and coach isn't a choice in the drop-down menu. So unless she wants to take it again, I'd probably work with one of the PE teachers instead. You could probably have the coach do all the work (especially if she's already explained it all to them) and have a PE teacher just supervise and sign the forms (or in USMA's case, reply to the official email). Good luck!
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    Take the CFA as many times as you wish. However, bear in mind that it constitutes only about 10% of your overall file strength... once you've passed it, I'd recommend you leave the score alone. Your time would be better spent studying for & retaking the SAT/ACT than practicing for hours a day trying to throw that damn basketball a few feet further (and risking blowing out your rotator cuff in the process).

    Primary choice for CFA administerer (that's not really a word, is it?) is a phys. ed teacher. Secondary choice would be an active/reserve commissioned officer / NCO, or a Military Academy Liaison Officer (MALO), aka a Field Force representative. If no other options are available, a coach of ANOTHER sport could administer the CFA but not the coach of a sport in which the candidate participates. I am not sure how much of that is in a regulation somewhere, but that is my guidance for candidates from the Northeast region, and I believe that other Regional Commanders have similar guidelines.

    All the service academies share scores AT THE REQUEST OF THE CANDIDATE. It's not like DoDMERB where we can all see your status by logging into some central database. If you went to USNA's SLS and kicked butt on the CFA there, but are also applying to USMA, no sense in retaking the CFA, just write to your USNA admissions rep and ask them to send us your scores. Happens all the time.

    Hope this helps, have a great Labor Day weekend, all!
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