Another Eyes qestion, and dental?

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    i am a freshman in hs and i have some questions:

    1. i had 2 strabismus surgeries when i was in first grade (idk... maby one was in second... i dont remember) on my eyes for lazy eye - one of my eyes would turn in but it was correctable with glasses. the first time, they did it wrong and had to go back and do it agian. is that disqualifying?

    2. the only problem with my eyes before the surgery was lazy eye, then after the surgeries lazy eye was gone but i got nystagmus - but ONLY when one of my eyes is closed - i see 20/20 with both of my eyes open. i went to a local doctor for eye therapy which has helped a TON, my nystagmus has been getting better by doing eye exercises. hopefuly by the time of my exam my eyes will be perfect, but if they arnt is nystagmus in my eyes when they are closed disqualifying? and could i get a waiver?

    3. dental - are cavities an issue? i have recently had 2 cavites drilled and filled, does that have anything to do with the physical?

    4. my bottom teeth are crooked, but i havent gotten braces. do i need to have that fixed or does it really matter?

    if any of this didqualifying? and if it is, can i get a waiver for any of it?

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