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    New dad to forum. I have a son that is applying to WP, NA, and AFA. Perhaps we are crazy, but I do not have a military background and wish for him to look closely at each option as they present somewhat different opportunities for education and service. Thank goodness most of the applications are near completion. I am trying to learn as much as possible so that I can at least provide some perspective through the eyes of someone who has raised a family rather than merely those of a 17 y/o, since he will likely be career military. We have visited West Point and have been told he has a letter of assurance in the mail. I am looking forward to scheduled trips to NA and AFA. He is pretty much in love with the idea of West Point at present. It is a lot of work. I am wondering if I am crazy to continue looking at the other options. I guess my biggest fears are of him being a ground troop, as that is a bit more up close and personal in battle with respect to other branches (other than special forces or Marines). Looking for more info, lots of questions to help guide. In the end it is his choice.
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    As you say "it is his choice". He does possibly have many other options. It was a shock that my Daughter chose late in the application process to select USNA over many other schools. Grandparents did WWII and her dad did Vietnam. Graduated USNA as USMC Not her Mother's first choice.:thumb: WP is a great school but I put in the vote for USNA.:biggrin: The applications are a nightmare. Her roommate went to Stanford and compared to her's the parents said Stanford was easy. They that choose "to go in harms way". God bless them all.

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