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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by vtechroomie1, Jun 26, 2015.

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    When I was a freshman in high school I made a mistake and I tried marijuana multiple times. I realize this probably wasn't "experimentation". I am ashamed of that mistake my freshman year, but did not know what I wanted to do with my life when I tried it. I was 14, and have not even thought of using it in 4 years. I put that I tried it on my DoDMERB application, and the doctor said "have you ever had counseling or thought of using it again?" I answered both questions with a no.

    I was qualified by DoDMERB and was awarded a 4 year scholarship to Virginia Tech. That brings me to where I am today. I was filling out the AROTC enrollment form (CC 139-R), and it asked if I tried marijuana to which I replied yes. Then it asked how many times I had tried. This stumped me. I do not remember how many times I wrote that I had used it on the DoDMERB application.

    I am not trying to avoid the truth. I simply can't remember. I cannot even remember how many times it was in real life, because I have blocked this memory out of my head, and was angry at myself for this time in my high school career. If the numbers do not match, will it cause an issue where I will lose my scholarship? Should I use certain words like "barely ever" or "rarely" ? I do not want to be seen as deceptive, just as accurate to what I put on the DoDMERB as possible without lying.

    I've searched the forums for an answer to this, and have seen similar questions, but not one exactly like this. Sorry for the wordy question, and thanks in advance for the help!
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    Use either approximately or estimated number of times with that language specifically in there. Then they know you aren't lying or ignoring it, but you aren't sure. Explain that in the remarks also.

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