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    Apr 11, 2012
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    Rochester Adams High School
    Currently 11th grade
    3.852 UW GPA (should be 3.90 UW end of year)
    mostly honors/advanced/APs
    -Varsity swim letter every year so far
    -Oakland Activities Association Varsity Scholar Athlete (every year)
    -Frosh/JV Track (will get Varsity this year)
    -Scholar athlete for track (every year)
    -Predetermined Boys State:shake:
    -West Point Ethics and Leadership Conference
    -Model UN Co-president
    -Science Olympiad Logistics President
    -ACT Tutoring Club President
    -NHS Junior Representative Officer
    -IMPACT Club Public Relations Officer
    -Volunteer @ Oakland Christian Church
    -Volunteer @ Gleaners Food Bank of Oakland
    -Volunteer @ Oakland University Lowry Childcare Center
    -ACT: 30 w/o writing (R:31 M:30 E:25 S:32) (taking again, english is killing me)
    -PSAT: 192 (taking again in 2 weeks)
    -25% North Korean, 75% South Korean
    -First language is Korean
    -Practice CFA (maxed pushups, pullups) 79 situps, 8.7 shuttle, 70ft bball, 6:24 min. mile

    Nothing much as my Junior year has just started. Hopefully, everything will turn out well. Will apply to NASS, WP SLS, maybe AFASS
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    service academies do not look at composite, they only look at each individual score. How did your 30 break down?
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    dlee ... I'd guess you're a slam dunk for USMA to the degree you continue on your path. Both your math and verbal will benefit from improvement. Good luck.

    Some of you appear to be approaching a place I'd suggest you do not want to be ... identifiable ... beyond your "dlees" and "SA2017s".:eek:

    This is way too public and your predicaments are way too personal and sensitive. Remember ... this is just a chat board with a whole bunch of folks who don't know their behinds from 3rd base but might well like to know yours. :eek::thumbdown: Be careful, guard candidacies like they are precious. They are.:thumb:
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    Just as an example of how public this site is.

    This is what Bullet wrote:

    My toast to you Otis. The world will be a little greyer with your passing. You were a true professional, a dedicated warrior, and a great friend. I will be there at Arlington to pay my respects the day you are finally laid to rest.

    Take a guess who that colleague and forum was they were quoting from? That quote was from his obituary notice.

    This site is not as anonymous as you may think.

    Whistle probably remembers a WP male Asian twin from NY on college confidential that was appointed along with his twin about 3 yrs ago. After his appointment he got a "tude" and posters told him to take it down a notch. He responded that he wouldn't because that was an anonymous forum and nobody knows who he is.

    He was quickly reminded by posters that statistically how many Male Asian Twins from NY do you think are appointed, and how easy it would be to figure it out. They also reminded him that since his twin was not a member of the forum, to be kind and make sure he fot a tee shirt for his brother for I day saying "It wasn't me!". That minute he got it. He went OH CRAP and backed down regarding his attitude. He realized it wasn't hard for people to figure out his real name or at least his and his brother's real name.

    Believe it or not us old people use the internet as lurkers for our purposes too. Admissions, ROTC det CC's, etc lurk. I.E. Not hard for your MOC's staff to lurk and put 2+2 together regarding who you are by name. How many applicants do you think there are from Rochester NY, Asian male, Korean, track, swim, Model UN that attends Adams HS with a 3.8-9 cgpa? I am betting it is you and you alone.

    Now from there all they need to do is hit your name on this site and they will be able to see every single post you have made for as long as you have been here.

    The same is true for all of us, but for candidates I would heed Whistle's words.
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