Another Waiver Granted!!!!


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Oct 8, 2008
Just wanted to share our good news as well, son found out he too was given a waiver for color blindness for the USNA!!!!! He did have a few remedial things that just showed up today but after talking with DODMERB and academy all should be cleared up with a few faxes etc. One being the reading test that didn't get checked off! BUT, the biggest hurdle is crossed!!!! Thanks Mr. Mullen and everyone on the site for helping me pass the time while waiting! Good luck to all!!!

congrats!!!!! :thumb:
Thanks Popeyesmom, now we just have to get the remedials out of the way. Its unfortunate that they didn't post everything when they posted the colorblindness DQ, we could have had it all taken care of by now...but I suppose with colorblindness they probably figure with so few waivers they would see if that one passed before going on to other things! Anyway quite a relief for everyone!
Popeyesmom, did your son get his waiver as well? I was trying to go back in the threads but my computer is bogging down for some reason?