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    Hello everyone. I wish to attend the Air Force Academy in the future and I was wondering if I could get any suggestions on improvements in my grades/activities. Currently I'm a Junior in high school and I have a gpa of ~3.7 (unweighted) or ~3.9 (weighted). I am only taking two honors classes this year (physics and precalculus) and I took 3 my sophomore year and 3 my freshman year. My school only offers 1 AP class during the Junior year (AP U.S. History), but I was unable to take it and had to take U.S. History during the summer in order to finish my 2nd year of Spanish this year. Nevertheless, I do plan on taking 2 AP classes next year (Calculus and Writing 101).

    However, I am also very active outside of school with a couple extracurricular activities. I am a student leader in the marching band (hopefully going to be drum major next year), Captain of the Robotics Team, Vice-President of an in-school Avionics Club, and an active member of my Civil Air Patrol Squadron. Furthermore, I also teach 1st and 5th graders at my church for 3 hours a week and I also do about 10 hours of community service per week. Additionally, I work out 6 days per week, but I currently don't play any sports. However, I do plan on being on the school-sponsored track and field team or a non school-sponsored lacrosse team in the spring.

    I have also got into contact with my ALO, but I am unable to talk to him very much since he is on a very busy schedule.

    I would greatly appreciate any critiquing or suggestions on improving in certain areas. Thanks in advance!

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