Any news?

I don't have exact numbers, but I would estimate about 100 students with appointments were at the Open House. I would say that most of the students present had multiple offers...four year ROTC, other Federal Academies and other school scholarships. Friday was an opportunity to help finalize decisions. I probably only spoke with 8 students and 5 of the 8 had not yet accepted the appointment. I think the week before May 1 will be busy. Anybody with appointments must accept by that date ( like most schools ). I imagine there are appointments offered after 1 May once Admissions sees the number that accept what has had been offered to date.

For those interested in active duty Navy...the Navy Officers said they received about 20 slots this year...half were aviation. I think there was an Intel and if I heard correctly, a SeaBee slot. They said there was not really a preference for Deck or Engineering...they are looking at GPA. I got the impression that if you want Nuke, those slots don't really count...the Nuke selection is a different process and does not count against the slots offered to USMMA.

The students were asked how many wanted to go into each service. A large number of hands were raised. They said it is typical that 75% of the new class indicate a desire for active duty..after 3 years those numbers swap and you see about 25% electing to go active duty and starting the application process.