Anyone heard yet on NROTC Summer Cruises/CORTRAMID?

First two cruises have no impact on OML to the best of my knowledge. It's more just an opportunity for them to learn. Certainly DS had no evaluation on his cruise. I don't think that is true of cruises for rising seniors (OCS for Marines). I believe that will impact their OML. As far as the guys who DORed from SEAL cruise they may want to consider something else. Don't know if it really rules them out for SEALs either though. Senior cruise is really meant to give folks a deep look at what they were considering doing (if they're lucky enough to get it). I could see where they might possibly get a second crack at it... but I'm just guessing at that.
DS has been at Coronado for SEAL cruise. We are picking him up at the airport on Friday. To say this has been tough is an understatement. The session started with 42 and half DOR'd by the end of the first week. The USNA guys all left last Sunday, leaving 9 NROTC mids for the last week. DS was named Officer In Charge--he was happy about that because he felt that was an indication that he maybe, just maybe, did something right during the time he's been there. (Apparently, the goal is not really to make these mids feel good about anything!)
We are anxious to hear more about his adventure!


That's awesome. Congrats to your DS. He must have something on the ball! :thumb:
DS has been at Coronado for SEAL cruise. Apparently, the goal is not really to make these mids feel good about anything
It's probably better that way. In actual BUD/S, the vast majority of sailors DOR or get injured (probably over 80%). It wouldn't make sense to give a falsely rosy impression of that Community.. i.e. make them feel good about it. Instead of recruiting, it probably makes sense for it to be anti-recruiting.

Everybody breaks at some point... usually mentally, sometimes physically. BUD/S ans subsequent courses have a way of identifying that breaking point very effectively. In BUD/S, most hit that breaking point. The ones that don't, graduate.