Anyone Watching the PBS Documentary on the Vietnam War?

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    Kent State. Imagine advancing on protesters with fixed bayonets? Crazy. The cops/NG troops appear to be majority white as the protesters (college students) also seem to have been as well. NYPD cops clearing out Columbia, they haven't been back since!
    Actually not, a quick story. Several years ago the president of Iran was on campus to give a speech (2010ish, I think it was to deny the Holocaust, but don't remember) anyway, NYPD had 1/1/3/24 manpower I think, in the basement of the hall ready to respond if needed; the 1st time they were on campus since the 60's! The university's head of security (retired NYPD Chief) came down into the basement & told all to get comfortable, you will not respond, because if you leave this basement, he will lose his job! They never left, thankfully, not needed...LOL;)
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    I was in first grade when our mother told us Cousin Eddie, my father’s first cousin, was coming to visit with his mother and our grandparents. He was shipping out the next morning for Vietnam.

    I remember asking either “what is that?” or “where is that?” Regardless of the question, I vividly remember my mother’s response. Not a word in reply but a look of worry on her face that I had never seen before.

    Shortly thereafter, our guests arrived. Cousin Eddie was 18 and was wearing his uniform. I don’t remember much else about the evening except my mother nudged each of us kids to give the adults and Cousin Eddie a hug and kiss goodnight. I remember his mother’s and both our grandparents’ eyes swimming in tears. I didn’t understand it but sensed something dreadful.

    After they left, I saw my father cry for the first time (and it was a very rare event over the course of his long life).

    Lucky for our family, Cousin Eddie returned after two years safe and sound. However, he later suffered the effects of Agent Orange and had to take disability. However, to this day, he is intensely patriotic but spares no words for politics.
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    There is much to say here and while I have started and erased a post multiple times it just isn't the right time. A significant number of veterans carry the weight of this era on their shoulders. Most choose to be silent and barely acknowledge their participation until they are sure they aren't going to be vilified for their service. Many are still affected by their time "in country" or how they were treated by their government and the general population.

    Most of the time I think we have come a long way from those days. America has evolved (for the most part) to cheer the serviceman while condemning the politician. However, I struggle with a VA system that does so many veterans a disservice. How does the voting public reconcile this disconnect?

    I suppose I have strayed from the original post. Ken Burns has done a remarkable job portraying the Vietnam "conflict" in stark reality.
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    I remember family Christmas gatherings & summer cookouts where the adults would gather & drink & eventually the topic of the Vietnam War came up. Tones were hushed (so the kids couldn't hear), faces had frowns, heads shook, etc. We all watched war movies & war TV shows (the 1960s were filled with 'em, like "Combat", "Hogan's Heroes", "Victory ar Sea", "McHales Navy", "Gomer Pyle USMC", "12 O'Clock High", "Rat Patrol" - unlike today when there's very little) about WW2, with an occasion reference to Korea, but zilch on Vietnam - well into the 1980s actually.

    Hell, i didn't really understand there was even a war in Vietnam until after US troops were withdrawn. In our Cub Scout pack we were given POA bracelets in, say, 1971-1972, but never really had explained to us what they were for. We just thought the term "POW" was funny.

    I was born in 1964, but had no knowledge of the Vietnam War for about 10 years. Imagine a kid born in 1934 growing up without realizing WW2 was taking place?

    I wonder how many 10, 12, 15 or 18 year olds know there was an Iraq War in their lifetimes.
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    Adding to my queue right now after reading this thread. loved Burns' civil war, wasn't aware he had done one on Vietnam. Thank You serviceacademyforums.
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    I still have my cap. "The Secret War". Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

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    Finally got all the way through it last week. Rather one sided in my mind. Guess you had to be there. Oh wait.........
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