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Dec 10, 2014
So I received the Association of Graduates' West Point Preparatory Scholarship Program the other day and have a few questions on my options...

My top 3 choices so far are Marion Military Institute, Georgia Military College, and Northwestern Preparatory School.

I am also looking at Greystone Preparatory School close as well.

What is the best option for me?
Thank you.
I would talk to the admissions from all four. Check out their websites. You may get a better "feel" for which school would best match what you are looking for. There are differences. Some will give you more of a SAT prep experience. Others will actually give you college credits. Some will be more "military" in style. They are all good schools or they would not be an AOG school. In throwing out this question you will get different answers from different posters based on their personal experience. Our son and daughter both attended Greystone which was a good match for them. They were both free agents but had many AOG and Foundation sponsored friends. We visited and talked with staff to make an informed decision. Congratulations on being awarded an AOG scholarship!
To demonstrate I am not completely bias.... also check out NMMI however my DS is completing his plebe year and attended MMI on an AOL Scholarship ship and had an incredible experience. Love the quote from the Commondant of MMI from last year.... MMI is a tough place to be but you want to be from here. All the AOG prep schools have their strengths so do some research! But from personal experience MMI is an excellent option.
I've honestly never read anyone posting a bad experience at any of the prep schools- with regard to "Oh that school didn't help the cadets properly prepare for WP and let them down."

For our DS, it was a combination of geography, economics, and "feel" for the school. I do feel like the onus is much more on the cadet when they are sponsored by AOG. The appointment is theirs to lose. That isn't to say it is guaranteed, but if they do what they are supposed to( academics, leadership, and no conduct issues) they will earn that coveted slot at WP.

Pick the one that feels best for your situation. After that it's up to you to fulfill the opportunity.
My DS will be attending MMI, which we chose from a recommendation from our liaison and researching the other schools. They all have merit, but it is my understanding that 20-25 which represents 70% of AOG scholars will be together there. They group them together which makes for a great experience prior to WP while under some dedicated mentors.
Give the folks at NWP a call. They do things differently there. I think it will be worth your time.

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