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    Sep 7, 2013
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    For my junior classes next year I'm taking,

    -Honors Algebra 2 and College Algebra
    -French 4
    -AP Lit. & Comp.
    -Chemistry 1
    -US and WY Government
    -Genocide and Human Behavior
    -ROTC ll
    -ROTC Cadet Instructor

    I'm thinking about changing into an AP government class. I want to go to West Point and I was wondering if anyone had any input on the AP situation. I was also curious about science courses. I took physical science my freshman year and I know West Point requires Physics as a course to take, but since I've taken physical science do I still need to take physics my senior year???
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    As far as AP is concerned, you should take as many AP courses as you can. Weighted classes are also good as long as you do well in the class. They can help boost your GPA. As far as Physical Science is concerned, I don't think that that counts as Physics. I took physics this past year as a sophomore. I think that there is a difference between the two but I would verify that if I were you.

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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Take physics. You are fine for admissions with your chemistry and physical science (satisfies the two year min requirement), but you'll be better prepared if you have physics since it is a required course at West Point. Physical Science and Physics are not the same, with the latter being much more mathematically based.

    As for AP, there are a number of factors - preparation for college classes, weighted GPA, and testing out of core courses at West Point (or getting credits at other colleges). You need to look at your motivation to take the course - and see where it fits. An AP Art class isn't going to help you test out of anything at West Point, but a science could.

    Make sure to plan to take pre-cal next year as a senior or during summer school. Again, that metes admissions minimums, but you really need calculus to be successful.

    Coming out of Wyoming, you aren't going to have as much competition for West Point as you would in most other parts of the country. Becoming qualified will get you a long way towards an offer, but that won't get you through all four years. Build your academic base now.

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