APFT for AROTC Scholarship Winner


Nov 20, 2016
I am a second round 4-year AROTC scholarship winner! I have heard that when you show up to campus, you have to take an APFT and score a 60 in each event or your scholarship will be forfeited. Is this true? I am weak in push-ups, so this makes me a little nervous.
Absolutely true. In fact, if you only manage to score a 60 in each event, you're going to have a hard time. You should plan on maxing or close to it. You have 6-7 months to work on your push-ups, sit-ups and run. Google the "100 push-up" routine and get started.
You need to be medically qualified, or have a medical waiver and pass the APFT to activate your scholarship.
You will not forfeit your scholarship if you do not pass the APFT the first time. What will happen is that your scholarship will not be activated and tuition will not be paid until you do pass, you will also not receive your stipend or book money until you pass and contract. You will have until the end of your first semester to pass and have tuition paid, if you don't pass during the first semester you will have to pay for that semester yourself and it will be up to the cadre whether you will be given the chance to pass your second semester.

Remember that the APFT is only one part needed to contact. You will need all your paperwork completed including the 104R and be medically qualified.

Technically you only need a 60 in each event to pass, do that and your scholarship will be activated, but work hard to do much better as time goes on if you want to succeed and get what you want out of ROTC when you commission.

There are a lot of new cadets that fail the first test, primarily because of improper form, they usually pass the next one but some never pass and lose their scholarship. So work hard starting now so your prepared when you get to school.

Congratulations on the scholarship