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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by cdh50193, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Last week I opened up a file for USAFA and checking it today, unfortunately it states Applicant - Not competitive. Now, I know I've read previously in the forums what this exactly means, but can someone clarify this for me? I know it's directly saying I'm not competitive, but what should I do?

    Your Status: Applicant* (your application is under consideration)
    Your Application is: Not Competitive

    What can I do at this point, just wait?

    Any recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :smile:
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    My d was in the same boat 2 yrs ago and now she is a Soph at USAFA...get in touch with your admissions counselor they are wonderful resources it may be something very small that you need to do like boost test scores ….but the admin counselor is your best point of contact……when all was said and done my d had her admissions packet in early December so Not Competitive does not mean it is forever…..find out what you need to do from the source….:thumb:
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    Mom22gals is correct.

    When you have applied, the folks at USAFA will take a preliminary "read" of your package. Okay, let's be honest, there's not a lot there typically (especially with what you would have loaded last week). However, let's assume that there is a FULL AND COMPLETE application and it still says "not competitive."

    It could be ANYTHING in the package. And for you to try to figure what it is...pretty much like guessing which card in a 52 card deck will land upright on its edge if you toss them in the air.
    (You won't be able to do it)

    So...the quickest way is to call the counselor! They are the "wizards" where candidates are concerned. They know all the "ins and outs" and a lot more things that I didn't/don't! They can take a quick look and with something like a 99.92% rate of accuracy tell you what probably triggered this and what you should work/focus on.

    Now...understand one thing about the counselors...there are 5 regions in the WORLD for candidates and each region has a total of TWO counselors.

    TWO. :eek:

    This means that if you actually reach one on the phone, you've won the lottery! NORMALLY you're going to get their voice mail; DO NOT DESPAIR, leave them a brief and to-the-point message, as their mail will describe. REST ASSURED, they WILL get back to you!!

    These folks are simply amazing! They have ALWAYS amazed me with the amount of work they do and how hard they work to help the candidates to succeed! :thumb:

    USAFA '83

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