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    Hi there,

    I have been on these forms for a few years now and Im back for some more help! I applied for the NROTC-MO 4 Year Scholarship in 2011 and did not get it, so I decided to attend Cal State Chico and go for the PLC route. I am all done with my packet and am just waiting to take the ASTB in Feb. in order to make the next board in March. The catch on this is I had to defer my enrollment till this Spring semester (now).

    But, I want to apply for the Academy... so my question is when would be best to apply for it? I plan on doing very well in college so I can boost my chances but obviously my HS academics weren't up to ROTC standards so I doubt they would be for USNA. I am taking the calc and all the other Plebe classes.

    HELP! I want out of here.

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