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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by A1C Rob, Jan 30, 2012.

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    So how do they actually score applications for Airmen? As well as any type of applicant? Is there some sort of formula they use?
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    Oh, you want the formula? Sorry, but you're not going to find the actual point structure. But basically, your academics are worth 60%, 20% for you admissions boards score; ALO interview; CFA; and 20% for extra curricular, sports, volunteering, etc... The actual breakdown isn't available, because each person is an individual. EXAMPLE: You could get "X" amount of points for being in the Spanish Club, but you would get more if you were the president of the club. Or a different amount if it's a club you started and didn't exist prior. Same with sports. Were you JUST on the team, or were you All State, All Conference, Captain, etc... Is your 4.0gpa in NORMAL classes, or are they in AP classes. What if you were in the IB program and all your classes were advanced.

    Anyway; as an individual, you receive a final, weighted, composite score. Once you have this score, you will be RANKED against all others in your nomination category. In your case, enlisted. The will take the top "X" amount that they want. "Assuming they are ALL qualified". Same goes for traditional high school graduating applicants. You are ranked against your nomination category. "Unless you are a principal nominee from a MOC". If you don't win that category, you go into another nomination category "If you have more than one nomination". After that, if you still don't have an appointment, you go into the national pool with all others who weren't appointed in their selected nominated slates. From there, you are ranked again nationally, and the academy will choose the number still needed to fill the desired class size.

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