Application Question Regarding Summer Seminar


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Aug 10, 2009
I attended the naval academy summer seminar because I could not attend the West Point one due to scheduling issues. So, on my application, should I include that I went to the Naval Academy one? Do they want to see you doing something or do they hate the naval academy so much that my file would just be thrown in the garbage?
The rivalry between services and academies is like the "I'm better than you" rivalries among friends. They are NOT going to disregard your file just because you attended NASS. I am in the same situation; I had to go to NASS instead of SLS because my school was still in session during SLS.
Don't worry, we won't look negatively upon your file just because you went to the naval academy's SLS. Contact USNA and ask them to send us your CFA scores so you don't have to do that silly basketball throw again :). The CFA is standard across all service academies and we are all happy to share.
It's friendly rivalry. We're all still in the same team. It won't look negative at all. It could look positive as they might want you more if they see Navy has an eye on you.
Hi goon91, I love your name. Are you a sports enthusiast of some sort?

My son did not get into any of the summer seminars...he did Boys State instead and of course a lot of other things as I am sure you have. Be sure to include all your activities and keep your file updated. Once you have turned in your application, you can use your USMA portal to communicate any new activities or awards.

The USMA Admissions folks (and those at USNA/USAFA/USMMA/USCGA) are very supportive of candidates.

Best of luck to you!
America's Finest, I just wanted to congratulate you on completing BEAST. Welcome back to the forums!