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    I was informed about about a month ago that dodmerb would need more information pertaining to my medical conditions because I was initially disqualified. Today I log onto the USAFA application website and see that my application status has gone from "candidate" to "disqualified". Does this mean that the academy already reviewed my dodmerb stuff and has denied me a waiver? Or was it just slow in posting what dodmerb has already told me and i still have a chance? Mt status on dodmerb is "pending waiver submission/Review" and then on the event list it says that on the 15th of november my exam was reviewed and that same day a letter was sent saying disqualification for opacities of the lens and pro surgery to reconfigure cornea. I knew getting a waiver would be beyond a stretch but is this really the only way you find out that your road is over by seeing disqualified as your status?
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    My "initial" "guesstimate" is that you received a DQ from DODMERB, as you described; it just took time for USAFA to process that and put it online. for a waiver...that's between USAFA and you. IF the following:

    a. Your condition is waiverable
    b. USAFA is VERY interested in you (they think you have an even chance of appointment)

    THEN they will request a waiver...

    The only folks that can discuss this CONCRETELY with you are: DODMERB and USAFA. None of the rest of us can because of HIPAA rules; we can't find out anything for you.

    USAFA '83
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    I would call your USAFA Counselor. Mine told me that the AFA had applied me for a waiver (even though the status on the site said I was disqualified). Your counselor will be able to tell you if AFA applied you for a waiver. :thumb:
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    Application Question

    Hi Everyone,

    Like Vron02, I’m in the same boat. I already received a letter from the Air Force Academy stating that at this time they will not seek a medical waiver unless I become more competitive. Do you have any advice on how to become more competitive for admission? I know my SAT and ACT scores are not the best, but I'm studying to improve them.

    I’m currently 5 out of 52 in my class
    SAT Reading 480
    SAT Math 600
    SAT Writing 580

    ACT Composite Score: 26
    Math- 25
    Science- 26
    Reading – 30

    I play two sports; hold several leadership positions, involved in many extracurricular activities, have close to a hundred community service hours and I also have a congressional nomination.

    The only thing I have yet to do is have my ALO interview and then my application will be complete.

    Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!


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    While I can't tell you much re. the waiver aspect, your scores are ok but do need improvement. Don't rule out a prep school! Several of the self-preps I know have scores very similar to yours and now they have a pretty good bid to get in. So while you're applying to USAFA, if you are truly determined, I'd look into a prep school(NWP, NMMI, VMI, etc). I came from a small school like you(my class was 82) so I understand that it can be difficult since you don't have a bunch of opportunities. Prep school has helped me in more ways than I could possibly express.
    But! To offer more encouragement, studying can help immensely. I went from a 520 math to a 620 math in one month by studying from a study book about 2 hours a week. Best wishes to ya'!:thumb:

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